Safe Document Storage

The original, signed Will is the only legally binding version of your Will. No other document will pass as your true intention of how your estate should be apportioned after your death, therefore it needs to be kept safely but readily available when the time comes.

If there is one place you should never, ever keep an original Will, it is at home. If you should have a house fire or the Will is damaged in any way the courts could throw the Will out as being invalid.

If your Will is misplaced, lost or stolen, your executors could spend wasted hours searching for something which they cannot find. Although there have been many case of 'lost' Wills in the past, even now the Tabloids are reporting instances where disinherited or greedy relatives are suspected or accused of destroying a Will in which they have been left nothing, or less than they feel they deserve.

*BUT: We can keep your Will in safe storage for which we charge just £10 per year, per item.

While in our care, it is fully insured and if the worst should happen we are insured to compensate your estate and beneficiaries for any losses that they incur.

Your executors will each have a card with our details and instruction on how to get hold of your Will. Before we give a Will to anybody, we will ask for proof of identity and sight of your Death Certificate to be sure not give your Will out while you are still alive or to the wrong person.

If you need access to your Will, simply call us and we will arrange for it to be returned to you whenever and as often as you wish.

(*Note: We also store LPA’s, Title Deeds and other legal documents at £10 per year per document.)

Paid by standing order. We are happy to send annual invoice. Because of additional administration the charge will be £15 per item, per annum.