Why Make A Will?

Surprisingly, despite many public awareness campaigns and nationwide 'make a Will' charity promotions every year, only 30% of us have actually made a Will. Most people intend to make one, but the hard part is 'getting around to it'. Sadly, for their families and friends, most simply don't. The lack of a legally valid Will can have catastrophic consequences. Without a Will the law states who inherits what, so your family, friends and favourite charities may get nothing:

  • Your spouse may not inherit everything, and have to share your Estate with others such as your children or your brothers and sisters.
  • If you are not married your partner will not automatically inherit everything and may have to fight your family members for it in Court at great expense.
  • Children from other relationships and step-children may not be provided for and young children could be taken into care.
  • Unnecessary care fees may be incurred.
  • Jointly held properties may be passed on to your joint owner rather than family.
  • Inheritance tax may be considerable and someone who you don't like or trust may take control of your estate

Only with a Will can you leave treasured possessions to the special people in your life or make gifts to your favourite charities. You can choose guardians for your children and with a carefully written Will you can reduce or even avoid Inheritance Tax.

We Can Help

Anyone, even those who are untrained, unqualified and uninsured can set up a Will writing business and write your Will. You may see Wills advertised at a very low price or have heard the horror stories on TV or in the papers of people paying over the odds for something which is not worth the paper it's written on.

But not all Will Writers are the same. We are qualified members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and fully insured. We do not use sales agents or remote typing pools. We have written hundreds of Wills for people of all ages and all circumstances. We understand that making a Will can be an emotional experience. To make it a little easier, you may prefer to discuss your wishes in your own home at a time that suits you. We see virtually all of our Clients at home and rest assured, there is no additional cost for a Home Visit whatsoever.

You will have the personal attention of a friendly, local service that specialises in writing Wills and relevant legal documents from start to finish. We'll make sure that your Will is what you want without undue and unfair influence from anyone else. We will prepare your Will according to your instructions and bring it back to you for signing and witnessing.

We charge fixed fees, so you know the end cost and until you are 100% happy with your Will, you won't owe us a penny. Give yourself and your family the security of knowing that you have a legally valid Will. You will have saved them added work, expense and heartache at what can be a sad and difficult time.

Our commitment to you is absolute.


Thanks for everything – great to have closure! Best wishes.

Mrs G M - Cardiff